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Non-Credit Program Review

In order to ensure compliance with Administrative Regulation 4:9, the UK International Center asks faculty and staff members organizing and/or sponsoring non-credit international group travel experiences to begin the registration process four to six months prior to program departure. This process is only for those faculty or staff members who will be accompanying student groups to international destinations. If you have any questions about whether or not this applies to your specific situation, please contact

All international group travel experiences, including recurring programs, must be reviewed by the UK International Center.

The program review process is embedded into the program director registration. If you are unable to complete the entire process at once, you may save your responses and return to your registration at a later time. Click the button below to begin:


Program Director Training

All program leader(s) are asked to complete the Short-Term International Program Training, available online through UK's excess liability carrier, United Educators. When registering for the training, you will need to enter a username and password along with UK's institution code before proceeding. UK's institution code is 0473-UN37-XY12.

Budgetary Information

Students on group travel programs with 5 or more student participants will automatically be billed a non-refundable Risk Management fee ($50). All students on group travel programs will automatically be billed for Travel Medical Insurance and Evacuation Coverage ($10.50/week). These fees are always waived for program directors and assistant directors. These costs should be included in any budgetary information distributed to participants. These fees may be billed directly to a student's account or sent as an invoice to the sponsoring unit, depending on the program.