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International Travel Registry for Conference Attendances Accompanied by Students

Many times, faculty or staff members may attend the same international conferences as students, and have no oversight of the students' travel. In those instances, full-time UK employees should use the normal registration process, and students should register as independent travelers.

However, a slightly different registration process is required when a faculty or staff member is traveling in a capacity outlined in the International Center's Clery Act policy. In those situations, all travelers should register their travel below, as the faculty or staff member must provide certain additional information and receive Campus Security Authority (CSA) training in order to be in compliance with the law.

After reviewing the Clery Act policy, faculty or staff whose travel plans fall under its parameters should register at the link below:

Students (undergraduates, graduates, GAs, TAs, etc.) accompanying faculty or staff members to conferences under these circumstances should register their travel at the link below: