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Independent Non-Credit Student International Travel Registry

This travel registry is for University students who are traveling abroad on a wide range of university-related activities, but who are not enrolled in UK credit directly related to their international experience. Postdoctoral Fellows should also use this registry, while Postdoctoral Scholars should use the faculty/staff registration. If you are outside the U.S. pursuing an activity funded or endorsed by the University, you must register via this site to be in compliance with University student travel policy and to facilitate coverage under UK's required international insurance plan. Activities that must be registered may include, but are not limited to, research projects, conference attendances, conference presentations, etc. You should not register purely personal travel (e.g., vacations).

If you have questions about whether or not your international travel should be registered here, please contact

Please note that if you are enrolled in UK credit (including dissertation residency credit) directly related to your international experience, you should not register here without first contacting UK's Director of International Health, Safety & Security Jason Hope at Your registration may need to be coordinated by the Education Abroad office.

If you are traveling as part of a non-credit group led by a UK faculty or staff member, you should register your travel at this link.

The travel registry helps UK to quickly locate and assist you in the event of an emergency in your host country, and facilitates insurance coverage under the University's required blanket travel medical insurance and evacuation plan. All students covered by this required insurance will be charged $10.50 per week (rounded up to the nearest full week) for the coverage. That charge will be posted to your student account statement as one lump sum during the term in which you are abroad, and will only be charged for your international program dates- not for the entire term. If you hold outside insurance that meets UK's minimum requirements, you may be able to use it in lieu of the University's policy. Please complete the Travel Medical Insurance Verification form, and submit it to Your private insurance must meet UK's requirements in all areas in order for you to be able to waive out of UK's coverage- otherwise, you are required to be covered under UK's plan for all international travel (and travel to U.S. territories) funded or endorsed by the University.

Students Receiving UK Funding or Endorsement

If any part of your international trip is being funded by UK, you must register at the link below. This includes funding from scholarships, departmental funds, and any other funding sources that originate with the University. You must also register at this link if any unit at UK has taken deliberate actions to support or offer your trip, even if funding for the trip did not originate with the University.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before departure, all travelers should take the time to review the International Health, Safety & Security Handbook for non-credit programs abroad. It contains information that should be helpful to both new and experienced travelers. Any questions about material presented in the handbook should be directed to